Franklin Falls – Snoqualmie Pass

Estimated Hiking Time: 1 hour

Total Distance: 2 miles

Elevation gain: 400 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy (till you get to the bottom of the falls)

Weather Conditions: 45 degrees and rain


Franklin Falls is short hike located in Snoqualmie Pass that is accessible year round. The trail is 2 miles roundtrip and consists of stairs along the way with a gentle incline. Belu and I hiked this trail on a rainy day. If we had to chose, we probably would have preferred to hike on a day when it was dry. However, it was awesome having the trail to ourselves. The trail is along the river where the water from the falls run. The majority of the hike is easy until you reach the end of the dirt road. If you chose to get close to the bottom of the falls, be sure to wear shoes with grip. You have to climb down wet, jagged rocks in order to get to the bottom. It definitely wasn’t the hardest hike I’ve done but it is a bit scary thinking you can fall in the water at any moment.


This NorthFace Hyalite jacket was perfect for the hike. It kept me dry from both the rain and waterfall. The material of the jacket is made from HyVent Alpha fabric which is both waterproof and breathable. I love how the main zipper is asymmetrical making it different from any other rain jacket I own.


Plus the hood is extra large with a wide brim.

hood      split touch

This is just one of the many outlooks along the trail. turningtrees

Here is the view to the bottom of the hike. See how wet and jagged the rocks are? Doesn’t look like much but the rocks were SO slippery. If you journey this far, you will get wet. blog1

Franklin Falls in all its majesty!


I was afraid I would twist my ankle if I did a jump. This yoga post will have to do. yoga1backbend1


See you in the Wild!




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