Hall of Mosses – Hoh Rainforest

Hiking Time: 45 minutes

Total Distance: .8 miles

Elevation gain: 100 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

Weather Conditions: 47 degrees, cloudy with pockets of sun

The Hoh Rainforest lies on the west side of the Olympic National Forest and is about a 2 hour drive from Port Angeles. Due to the frequent rain during the winter season, the rainforest is filled with lush greens and tall trees. Hall of Mosses is just one of the many trails located in this rainforest. This particular trail is an easy loop that is filled with moss ridden trees.


The weather was so chilly. I’m glad I had this Lululemon Snug Sprinter Jacket to keep me warm. The core part of the jacket is water resistant and even has a hidden zipper containing a hood. zipperwalking 2

I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was here. Looking up you can see the pockets of sunshine coming through the trees.forest treesforestbackbend

These Nike Free Running shoes were an excellent choice for this hike since there weren’t many rocks or obstacles to go over. It kept my feet comfortable and dry. It’s so light that I sometimes forget I have shoes on. nike leapord       trees

Look at all these baby ferns. They’re so cute I wanted to take them home with me. moss floor leap handstand


See you in the Wild!




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