Oia to Fira Trail – Santorini, Greece

Estimated Hiking Time: 3 hours

Total Distance: .5.6 miles

Difficulty Level: medium

Weather Conditions: 80 degrees, sunny and very windy


The island of Santorini is part of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea and is most known for their white painted houses that line the cities.It is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. The views are beautiful, the people are welcoming, and the food is delicious! Belu and I actually booked a trip here from Germany on a whim but are so glad we did.

We stayed in a beautiful town called Oia that catered to tourists from around the world. Just short of 6 miles from there is a town called Fira. There is a popular hiking path that takes you from Oia to Fira and vice versa. We decided to hike the trail on a very hot and windy day. It wasn’t the best decision but the views along the way made the heat and wind much more bearable.


This is a view of the town of Oia. See how the town is made of all those white painted houses and buildings? It such a pretty contrast against the deep blue Aegean Sea.



The sleeveless shirt and capri leggings were a good choice this day since it was very hot. The top Lululemon top was light and breezy while the K-Deer leggings were moisture wicking and stretchy. Plus the leggings are such a fun ombre color and reminded me of the sea.



There isn’t any real direction on where to go or what path to take on the hike. For the most part, if you follow the sea, you are generally on the right trail. However, we did come across a fork in the path that split off between a paved road and a dirt road. We decided on the dirt road since it was along the path of the sea. BIG mistake. The dirt path abruptly drops off into the sea. No bueno. We turned around and went back on the safe paved road.


This is the steep drop. It made my knees buckle I had to sit down.



On the hike there are a couple of food stands and restaurants where travelers can stop by and rest. It was nice knowing there was that option if needed.




There are gorgeous views throughout the entire hike. It makes great photo opportunities.



After about 3 hours, we made it to the town of Fira.





See you in the Wild!




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