Ruby Beach – Olympic National Park

Hiking Time: 15 min

Total Distance: .5 miles (Optional: once you get to the beach, you can walk another 3 miles north to the mouth of Hoh River).

Difficulty Level: Easy

Weather Conditions: 45 degrees and foggy

Ruby Beach lies on the coast of the Olympic peninsula. The hike to the beach is a short .25 miles where you can feel the chill sea air. We should have checked the tide charts before we ventured out since the tide was too high for us to continue the hike to the mouth of Hoh River. But even though we couldn’t do the actual hike, just being at Ruby Beach was an amazing experience in itself.

bench rocks

There were so many tree trunks and branches that were swept into shore and have accumulated over the years. This picture shows just a handful of all the debris. treesand

The weather was freezing! I’m so glad I brought this head wrap to keep part of my head nice and toasty. oceanwater


There is something beautiful about the structure of this rock that reminds me of an art sculpture.

rockwaves leap    looking back  forest

See you in the Wild!




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