Wallace Falls

Estimated Hiking Time: 3 hour

Total Distance: 5.6 miles

Elevation gain: 1300 ft

Difficulty Level: moderate

Weather Conditions: 50 degrees and rain


Nestled within Steven’s Pass, Wallace Falls is one of Washington’s most popular hiking attractions. The trail to the falls is well maintained and covered with lush greens. You can hear the sound of water rushing throughout most of the hike. There are three distinct look out points during the trail; Lower falls, Middle falls, and Upper falls. Both Lower falls and Middle falls look outs are breath taking views of the falls. However, Upper falls was not that grand (in my honest opinion). If you’re pressed for time, I would turn around after you reach middle falls. But if you want to continue on the 2.8 miles to the top, be prepared for a mediocre view. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)

There is a small waterfall towards the beginning of the trail. It is definitely not as grand as Wallace Falls but is still very nice to see. sittingholding_ copy look copy

The rain stopped towards the beginning of our hike but I’m glad I layered up since it was still chilly. This long sleeve Zella wrap kept me warm. It can actually be worn a couple of ways but I choose to wrap it once around my neck for a simple drape. outfitwalk

There are lots of moss covered trees throughout the trail. touch

Even though the trail is well maintained, it is still very rocky. Shoes with treads would be best in a terrain like this one. I really like the Nike Wildhorse 2 running shoe because of the comfort and the stability I felt when walking on rocks. There are thick treads that help prevent slippage. The color is great too! shoesspikesstaring

This is the view from Lower Falls. Isn’t it breath taking? waterfallyoga

There are a couple of bridges you have to cross during the hike. One of the bridges has an opening where you can get very close to the water. Be careful if you plan to climb these big rocks. They are VERY wet.

rock holding copystairs

This is the lookout from Middle Falls. We were lucky to get a glimpse of the clouds that were slowly scattering letting the sun shine through. There is also a sitting area here where you can relax and enjoy the view. hills copyjump copyback copy

We didn’t take a picture of the waterfall at Upper Falls since there wasn’t much of a view. So a yoga picture will have to suffice. splits



See you in the Wild!




Like the outfit? Find it below:

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Nike ‘‘Zoom Wildhorse 2″ Running Shoe

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2 thoughts on “Wallace Falls

  1. It’s beautiful and breath taking love everything including you Sharie. Love you and miss you guys. Hiking is one of my work out now aday.

  2. I love your blog already sister! Can’t wait to read more posts. Hikes will be in my planner soon :). Love you both!

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