Wild Side Trail – Cougar Mountain

Estimated Hiking Time: 3 hours

Total Distance: 4.0 miles

Elevation gain: 400 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

Weather Conditions: 40 degrees and rain

Cougar Mountain is home to lots of different trails. Some harder than others. Wildside Trail is one of the easier hikes in the area. The trail itself connects to other trails along the path. It is easy to stray off course if you do not have a map with you. Luckily there are free maps located at the trailhead for you to take along your journey. Belu and I decided to stick to the Wildside Trail this time around but we’re hoping to go back soon to test of the other trails.




This Nike Shield Flash Running Jacket was a great choice for this hike since it kept me warm and dry from the Rain. The jacket is also very light which made it comfortable to be in all day.  nikelook

We came across this mini waterfall in the middle of our hike. The sounds of the water hitting the rocks was so soothing. Definitely a great place to stop and reflect on all of nature’s beauty. creek

I love the print of these Nike Free 5.0 TR shoes. They are SO light and flexible. It feels like I’m not wearing any shoes, just socks. shoes

The following pictures are taken with an iphone 6 plus camera. Belu forgot to charge the DSLR battery. Please excuse the difference in picture size/quality and remember to charge your batteries if you plan to use your camera. :) jump copy

handstand copy

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty when you go hiking! Sometimes the best pictures are captured when you let loose.hands copy

leg copy

There is a pseudo cave along the trail. I thought the whole set up looked really cool. You can climb higher to the top if you’re adventurous. These isn’t much of a lookout though but I would recommend it if you’re up to the challenge! sitting copy



See you in the Wild!




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