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Ancient Lakes Trail – Wenatchee, Washington

Estimated Hiking Time: 1 hour

Total Distance: 4 miles

Elevation: 860 ft

Difficulty Level: easy to hard

Weather Conditions: 63 degrees and cloudy


Located in central Washington, Ancient Lakes Trail is known for its desert like environment. It is part of the Quincy Wildlife Recreation area and is filled with long stretches of sand and grass. The whole area reminded me of a scene out of a western movie. Belu and I came across three different lakes during our time on the trails. However the most astonishing part was finding the waterfall that flowed freely into one of the lakes. Yes, a waterfall in the desert! There is not much covering on the trail so make sure you wear LOTS of sunblock if you plan to do this hike on a sunny day.

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Most of the trail was flat ground. There was land as far as the eye could see.

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The North Face vest kept me warm from the cold chill. I also love the fire color on these Under Armor pants. It made it easier for Belu to spot me from far away.

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In order to reach the waterfall, you have to climb up these old volcanic rocks. They were jagged and piled on top of each other. Make sure you wear shoes with grip to lessen the chances of slipping.

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There is a ledge looking over the lake a few steps up the rocks. The view is gorgeous from here.

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Can you see the waterfall in the distance?

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waterfall copy

The scene of the waterfall was worth the hike up those rocks. Challenging, but definitely worth it.

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There is also another mini waterfall on the way back on the trail. Definitely not as challenging and a bit harder to spot.

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See you in the wild!





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